Friday, November 19, 2010

Kallee and Nick Reception 11.11.2010

Held at the Wright House
168 person served dinner and then a come and go open house that followed.
Style- classic and elegant... going for a timeless quality
colors: aqua, black, and white

The Happy Bride and Groom 
Head table

Four different centerpieces mixed throughout the room. All tables included- glasses, napkins, chargers, programs, salt and pepper, framed picture of the bride and groom and butter. 

Table Number #1:
The Eiffel Tower vase with roses and greens and vases at the bases with roses and greens and votives

 Table #2
Cake Pedestal and vases with roses and greens and votives at base

 Table #3
Hurricane vases, mirrors, aqua candles and votives

 Table #4
Black candlesticks with greens surrounding an aqua candle that is trimmed with some bling.  Crystals and votives at base
 The Ballroom and all 17 tables!


  The Buffet Table:
After the served dinner the party opened up to a come and go reception with a line.  We served a full taco bar including pulled pork, rice, beans, toppings, chips, salsa, fruit and veggies.  We had two lines to get people through quickly!

The big picture...
                                                                   All the pretty details...

Candy Table
The bride wanted good candy... not just color coded... so we do as the bride wants and yes, everyone LOVES a candy bar! 

 The Sign In Table
The bride and groom were so striking, I wanted to really make this table pop and photos were definitely the way to go! 


 The Cake Table...
The bride wanted to serve cupcakes and little pastries.  I wanted something that screamed amazing.  Thanks to this cousin of the bride, she had a cake that was gorgeous. Thanks Melanie.   A big shout out to my sister in law who came through with letting me use some cake dummies at the last minute as mine did not come in the mail on time.  Your are the best Lindsay!  Cake bling and some roses and tada! 

 A big thank you to my kitchen crew and all the extras that came along, you girls were amazing even when it looked impossible! Also a big thank you to Tina and De. It wouldn't have happened so quickly without your amazing help.  Thank you to Gwen (Mia Bella Floral) who put all my florals together, they transformed the room!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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