Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wedding invite

In the Spring I was asked to photograph and design a weddinng invite.  The pictures turned out quite nicely and the invite wasn't bad either! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Queen of Hearts Bridal Shower

So my partner had these tea cups and after that the party was well on it's way to be amazing.  Queen of Hearts meets Alice in Wonderland mad hatter!  The idea of a tea party in the spring out doors in Arizona can be risky with weather because you never know what you will get, but fortunately it was perfectly overcast until after the party was over.  I love the queen of hearts theme and found that apparently online I wasn't the only one.  I wanted it to be wimsical but super pretty.   A brunch menu made for a perfect morning start.    Guests were encouraged to wear tea party attire and a hat (with a prize for the best!)  Prizes's always encourage participation! :) 
The Queen of our party!
Photo courtesy of A.Muse(Squared) Photography
  The party was nestled under some beautiful trees on a grassy lawn... thanks Brittney your house was the perfect setting. 
  Classic Alice and Wonderland sign
Photo courtesy of A.Muse(Squared) Photography

Photo courtesy of A.Muse(Squared) Photography

     Fresh roses, tea cups and lots of red!
our sign in table with various games

The food table was amazing and seriously posting these pictures is making me hungry!
French toast kabobs

Oatmeal in mini cups with cream and fruit

fresh fruit

buttermilk syrup for the sand dollar pancakes

cheese cakes, bagels and cream cheese
Apple Juice 

delicious mini cupcakes
Photo courtesy of A.Muse(Squared) Photography

A chair that I found for free on the side of the road turned into our Queen of Heart's throne!

Photo courtesy of A.Muse(Squared) Photography

Photo courtesy of A.Muse(squared) Photography
My sweet little girl and her tea party hat!
Photo courtesy of A.Muse(Squared) Photography

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Royal Blue and Silver church wedding and reception

I have to say when I heard the color choice of Royal Blue and Silver I was skeptical of how this would   go together. 
Mia Bella Floral with the a little help from Bella Beginnings pulled this event off better then expected! 
The entrance

the reception room

the head table (I love floating pearls!) 

some amazing floral bouquets for the bride and toss bouquet 
another centerpiece

the floral for the cake table

food table floral

the church

bows and trim for the isle

ready for the big moment

more amazing floral

candlelight makes everything pretty!