Saturday, February 25, 2012

Polka Dot Wedding Party

So this was a party to celebrate the couple's sealing in the Arizona Temple.  She wanted it fun, kid friendly and loaded with things for the guests to do and eat!  She definitely delivered! 
The event was held at Mesa Jacee's Courtyard in Mesa.  From the outside it isn't much, but this place is awesome and you can rent it for an amazing deal. The owners are so nice and VERY accommodating!
Only the buffet was served inside. All the tables, dancing and other food were in the courtyard. 
There was a full Hawaiian spread of heavenly fried rice, noodles, teriyaki chicken, fresh fruit and creamed corn!.  A ribbon wall with pictures of the happy couple and their family served as the perfect backdrop. 

 Water station
 Outdoor drink station (serve your own soda on sonic ice!  They even had juice boxes for the kids.)
Besides the full buffet they served Cotton Candy, Popcorn,  Kalbi ribs on the grill, cupcakes and cookies, and Sub Zero ice cream

Blue Cotton Candy
Cupcakes by Denise
red velvet with butter cream frosting

 The dance floor had Chinese lanterns of blue, white, red with white polka dots hanging down

Her cute little girl in her adorable polka dot dress made by her sister in law Jill

  They even had a bouncer for the kids to play in and be entertained!
Centerpieces were whimsical and yet super elegant.  Custom made polka dot linens with red trim made it casual yet ready for a party

 Entry table with lots of pictures of the family and sign in book