Friday, January 7, 2011

A Touch of Mums!

Michelle and Jeff
Location: LDS church building on Center and 1st Ave on a cold, wet, rainy day
What to do for a bride who didn't want flowers, traditional touches, and happens to be a teacher?
Solution: Mums, Green Apples and lots of fun!
Colors: Green, Black and White
Food: a most delicious assortment of sweets including 10 different kinds of cookies, candy, nuts, ice cream shoppe with hot fudge, and perfectly wrapped up cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla...
How divine!

The Big Picture
The Bride and Groom did not want dancing and so we brought the food (sweets) into the center of  the hall and surrounded the cake creating a beautiful focal point.
We mirrored the treats on each side of the cake table to allow guests to access the treats on both sides with NO LINES!
Floral balls by Mia Bella Floral
The Cake/Cupcake table
Cake not made by Bella Beginnings, but we {love] it!
signs were used to help guests identify what they were munching...
Adorable cupcake sleeves made by the Bride's sister-in-law, a perfect little detail that makes them look even more delicious and so very pretty!
No candlelight could be used due to it being in a cultural hall, so we got creative with floral!
Centerpieces #1: apples and fresh floral 
We {heart} monograms...
Mums, berries, and lots of greens with a sweet little carnation resting in a bed of gel beads!
Centerpiece #2:
Black stain pin tuck table drapes, with a black pedestal holding a damask bowl full of fresh floral, and two mini green plates with floral balls nestled at the base.

The Bride and Groom wanted their own greeting line and the parent's in a separate space to help move the line along (nice that we know parent's and their love for chatting!)  The sign was made by the Bride's sister-in-law and brought for Bella Beginnings to use.  A nice touch that she can then incorporate in her home.
The Parent's corner
Drink Table: Water
the 'A' sign was also made by the Bride's sister-in-law. 
...Ice cream shoppe with hot fudge topping... need I say more?
The Bride wanted something different for her sign in table, so she opted to go with a photo booth, where she had a friend take a picture of each guest or group of guests that arrived and then had them sign a note on a 4x6 card which she will later put next to the printed photo of the guest. A fun and inventive way to make the sign in book a little more personal!  Shortly after we had everything set up and photos taken, we realized the weather was not allowing people to enter the way she had planned so we made a quick last minute decision to move the sign in table, photo booth background, and gift table from the courtyard to a corner of the reception hall.  Late the Bride told us she loved having it inside where she could see people getting their photos taken and felt even more part of the party.  I am sure the photographer appreciated not having to stay outside in the covered courtyard to take pictures!  

sign in table
photo book background
bouquet designed by Mia Bella Floral

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