Saturday, May 7, 2011

Casual Beachy

This reception and it's theme were born from the bride and groom's engagement story. A treasure box at the beach.  A backyard affair with light airy colors, lots of fresh flowers and tons of candlelight.  It was the kind of reception you came and sat for a while.  I think this has been one of my favorites up-to-date simply because it was casual enough to kick off your heels, but so elegant you felt like you were at a fancy ball. Okay enough talking, the pictures can say more then any description we can give.  Coral pink, teal and white...
daytime photos courtesy of Kathryn Crouse Photography
these lit up the walkway and at night held waterproof battery operated lights that sparkled!

a touch of pearls, shells and candles... stunning

the backdrop for the bride and groom and parents

sign in table complete with the treasure chest and poem that started it all

fresh floral arrangements, candles, shells and pearls

sign in table

they served a sweets bar with beautiful cupcakes and lots of candy

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