Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Art Party

My 7 year old LOVES to do anything "with her hands" as she calls it, so a birthday party full of ART was the perfect solution and the weather was just getting nice which meant much of the party was outside!  Yeah for fall! We made a simple invite on photoshop with a cute photo of hear and some primary colors.  Printing at Costco and then we hand delivered them to her friends. We kept the decorations simple, using balloons (which she loves) on each chair, bright colored plastic table clothes to protect the tables from paint, and a simple easel to mark the house.
Activities and games:
Sidewalk Chalk (everyone drew selfies and Happy Birthday wishes)
Sidewalk chalk obstacle course
Painting was a must, so we found aprons on Amazon.com in fun primary colors.  I found little birdhouses at Michaels, bought lots of bright colored paint including glitter and brushes.  We covered the tables in plastic table clothes from the Dollar tree.  The girls chose their aprons and then painted their houses.  This took a little longer then I thought! (I forgot that little girls LOVE detail!)
After Painting we took their aprons off, and they got to decorate them with their names and some glitter star stickers. 
After everyone was done we sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. 
I expected there to be more time for a few more games, but they ended the party by playing in my playhouse till their parents came by. 
Party Favors:
- paint set (purchased with the back to school sale in August)
- decorated apron with their name
- bag of homemade playdough (we were going to do a game with this where I asked each of them to create something in a shape like snowman, present, etc, but we didn't get to it!)
- painted birdhouse
Filler games:
-face painting
- "I know a little doggie artist but he won't pick you"
- coloring page
- I looked around Pinterest under Art Party and found tons of ideas. 

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